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Vis ma vie de System Engineer

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Gaetan Bersanelli
Sales Engineer, EASI

During the last Friday of July, I had the chance to integrate the System Engineers department for one day. This initiative is part of the sales school followed by the junior sales engineers in the IT Infrastructure department at EASI. 

Therefore, I spent the morning with my System Engineer colleagues. Indeed, it was the opportunity to be part of their team and to discover how they proceed and deal with their day-to-day tasks. Their team manages the IT infrastructure of hundreds of EASI customers. The atmosphere in their office was very friendly, despite of the fact that they seemed to be quite busy all the time. I appreciated that as well as their high availability when I had questions for them.

Thanks to this day, I could observe them, the way they work and organize, besides figuring out how they manage their time and cope with all the urgent requests coming from our customers. It allowed me to appreciate how it can be difficult to manage such a lot of tasks in a limited period of time. In addition, I could noticed how they are well structured and committed when the clients asked for their help.

My personal role was to configure a laptop for the newcomers that will begin the EASI adventure in September as business consultants for Adfinity. At the beginning, I had no idea how to set up a laptop. My colleagues gave me an internal procedure to follow in order to do it properly and in an autonomous way.

It was very interesting and rewarding to share this experience with them. 

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