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Consulting commercial documents was never easier

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Emilien Wallet
Software Engineer

Our Adfinity solution is constantly evolving. More and more new functionalities are added as new versions are released. For the past few months, the lending and borrowing module has been one of the modules that has been renewed.

In the rest of this article, you can discover various new features that Adfinity offers users to manage various types of financing.

The user can now access the repayment plan directly from a generated maturity notice.



Management of the actual outstanding balance

The user has the possibility to work with the actual outstanding balance. This means that all operations, which require the use of the remaining balance, take in account the actual remaining balance and not the target remaining balance.

In addition to this, the user will also be able to see what has actually been repaid for each due date posted.


Access to account inquiry from the loans module

From the Loans and Borrowings module, the user has the possibility to see all the accounting movements related to a financing.





New information in the schedule

Some useful information has been added to the schedule to allow the user to view this data centrally.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the added information:

  • the amounts actually reimbursed
  • Information about the generated schedule line notification
  • the date of payment
  • the date of the last reminder and the level of the reminder
  • ...




In addition to the few main functionalities mentioned above, the Loans and Borrowings module will also make it possible to manage the following points:

  • Document approvals (maturity notices, management fees, ...)
  • Pivotal index (vary participation fees according to an index)
  • Management fees
  • Withholding tax
  • Remuneration for participation
  • Prepayments
  • Late payments
  • Release date (Date of payment of the amount into the partner's account, this date will be used for the calculation of the prorated interest on the first due date)

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