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IBM TechU 2019 : Day 1

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Day 1 was full of interesting presentations. I'll give you the insights here.

Hello everyone, here I am again, with some more live reporting from the IBM TechU in Pragues.

The Opening Session

The Opening session has given us an idea of what we can expect of this event the rest of the week. Spiros Margaris (Margaris Ventures) explained that the future is now. What does that mean for him? Very simple, the ideas of today will make our future. For those who are from my generation they will probably understand the example below. For the more younger generation, they may be surprised.

  • Who imagined the first cellular ? .....
  • Who imagined the first tablet ? ...

Have a look back to the Startrek series !

Yes it all came from an idea wich made, at that time, some future.

What is the idea of all this?

Combining AI with IBMi may be a tremendous shift in our daily business:

  • AI can be a process to detect Bank frauds
  • AI can be the base for security
  • AI can be the way to make simulations of patterns like : Banking profiles, Consumer profiles and much more.

IBMi is a transactional computing system. If you combine IBMi with AI you can have the best of both systems.

Other subjects

Of course there were some more subjects. The others were:

Linux on Power Trends and direction by Steven Robertson

A very interesting subject to understand the various Linux distributions links and version related to Power Systems

IBMi: The vision for the Future by Alison Butterill

Green screens where ok, but the new generation doesn't know or understand these input/output

Changes in the presentation is not the only changes to apply to our IBMi application: from DDS to SQL is an other

New generation are more Open source code users and generators. Did you know that PhP and Zend are supported on IBMi ?

Old monolithic programs needs to be split in module to be able to use those new technologies.

NPIV: What is it and how can it help by Jim Blue

A must to follow. This session allows you to understand how spare fabrics are reacting when there is a takeover and what to avoid to be in problems.

Redhat OpenShift

By the way and at last for today, keep an eye on Redhat OpenShift. It may soon have an impact on your cloud solutions not only for Linux and AIX but also for IBMi.

Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon with more information. Danny Simon reporting from IBM TechU 2019 in Prague.


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