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New Adfinity features to enhance your user experience

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Marie Payet
Quality Engineer

Improving our users' experience is obviously our priority. That's why many new features already available in version 1.5 of Adfinity could make your life easier! Come and discover some of them here.

Version 1.5 already offers new developments focused on ergonomics, and this in the screens used by a large majority of our customers.

Encoding VAT

First of all, it is now possible to check the VAT impact of a document during or after its encoding. Indeed, a new "VAT impact" button allows you to see which VAT boxes are impacted by your document, and also to access the configuration that led to this impact.

Activating this option will allow you to follow the impact of your encodings on your VAT return much more easily. This view is available both from an accounting document (in view but also in creation and modification) but also from the list of your documents.


It is also now possible to print a summary of the VAT impact from the newspaper printing program:


Automatic reopening in detail

When you create a document in a past fiscal year, it is now possible to directly and automatically reopen lines in the current fiscal year.

Thus, you will not need to manually close and reopen again when you encounter this case: it will be automatically maintained.

For example: you create a document for the fiscal year 2018 on 31/10/2019. When you create this document, it will be automatically reopened for processing in 2019.

To do so, you only need to activate the new option "activate automatic reopening" in your main parameters and Adfinity will take care of the rest!

New intermediate screen in reminders

In order to make your daily life easier, we have added a new intermediate screen in the customer reminder program as standard.

From now on, when opening the details of a batch, you will be directed to this new screen, presenting you with the list of customers included in the batch, as well as the main information and actions to manage the invoices present for these customers (such as directly selecting/deselecting all of them).


You will then be able to view the details per selected customer, and still navigate between each customer from the next screen, as before.

Other clearly visible improvements in your daily life

  • Automatic encoding assistant

An assistant to help you encode the proposed fields will now offer you several results corresponding to your input. This is particularly interesting for companies, general accounts, analytical axes, files, projects, contacts, products,...

  • Description of accounts and companies in the filters

This may seem like a detail, but many of our customers have already told us that this new development has saved them precious time!

Indeed, since the consultation of the accounts, the full name and description of the general account are now always visible under the filter. This makes it possible, for example, when using non-language abbreviations, to know directly which company is selected. A small change that saves a lot of time!

  • Automatic button expansion

Now, the layout of the buttons in the main screens automatically adjusts to the size of your window for maximum comfort.

  • New PDF viewer

A new PDF viewer has been integrated in all Adfinity screens. Thus, the display of PDFs in the application is standardized and you can benefit from the different options it offers.


As you can imagine, we do not intend to stop there in improving the ergonomics of the application. Indeed, you can already benefit from many of these developments in 1.5, but many projects are currently implemented to improve your experience in 1.6. We look forward to showing you the rest!

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