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3 key lessons from a prospecting trip to Canada

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Mégane Fastrez
PR and Communication, EASI

In this article, you can learn about the key lessons drawn by Jean-François Herremans (CEO) and Arnaud Delforge (Executive Business Manager) during a prospecting trip to Canada.

Can EASI and, in particular, its Adfinity accounting software find opportunities on a different continent?

On 15 October 2019, Jean-François Herremans (CEO) and Arnaud Delforge (Executive Business Manager) flew to Canada for a week of prospecting organised by AWEX Montreal (go to page 5). Their goal? To take the pulse of the market with a view to the international expansion of the company's accounting software, Adfinity. What did we learn from this prospecting trip?

Looking for a partner

Jean-François et Arnaud participated in the two-day Big Bang conference, which brought together over 300 industry professionals (accounting, finance, IT, lawyers, software publishers), multiplying their meetings with them. “We aren't planning to start out alone in a new country. We're actively looking for a partner to put together this beautiful project”, explains Jean-François.

Europe, a guarantee of quality

Through their interactions, they discovered a Canadian market open to European companies. “Europe is a guarantee of quality, which is good news, and Adfinity, our accounting software, can fill a need”, states Jean-François.

A close mentality

Entering partnerships yes, but not with the first one that passes by. For EASI, being on the same page is the most important condition for the partnership to pay off. Growth plans can only go in the right direction if you work with common values and a shared culture.

At the end of this trip to the land of maple trees, Jean-François and Arnaud discovered a nice mentality and an open yet prosperous market.

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