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3 Reasons Why You Should Discover The Cloud2be Self Service Portal

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

We've recently introduced the Cloud2be Self Service Portal. That's why we're highlighting the most interesting advantages for you.

The portal increases productivity

The first and maybe most obvious advantage is that with self-service access to your cloud you can provide your infrastructure & application teams with

a 'fast lane' for services and applications. Since routine processes and time consuming repetitive tasks like:

  • Stopping and starting servers
  • Deploying new servers
  • Ongoing management
  • Cost tracking
  • ...

Infrastructure management will be taken out of the hands of your IT and operations teams. They will be able to re-focus on what is important for you business.

It improves visibility

With cloud governance you can achieve a greater visibility.

It will allow you to log resource consumption, security vulnerabilities as well as all access and changes to your environment.

It can be as simple as you want it to be

The user-friendly self service portal is tailor made for your organisation.

Therefore it can be adapted to your unique requirements regarding resources.

Business Advantages

  • You can increase business agility. With a simple click you can empower users to deploy pre-configured or custom-built services.
  • You can maintain your security and control over:
    • multi-tenant environments with policy based user controls
    • VMware NSX security technologies
  • You can reduce your costs by:
    • delivering resources to internal organizations
    • increasing the consolidation
    • simplifing the management



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