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Are you already familiar with Nutanix?

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Johan Neskens
Sales Team Leader, EASI

One operating system, one click, and this for every cloud? That is the promise of Nutanix. Read more about it and what this software can mean for you here.

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What does Nutanix?

Nutanix wants to make IT infrastructure invisible. The use of one Operating System (OS) allows for a uniform structure for various cloud environments, blurring the boundaries between private, public, and distributed clouds.

What is Enterprise Cloud OS

Enterprise Cloud OS is the name of the operating system. Using this OS, the flexibility and the ease of use of a public cloud is taken to the data centers of businesses to relieve the burden placed on the IT service.


What exactly does this mean?

The operating system can be seen as some kind of platform on which various applications can run. However, you need a lot of parts to make them run, such as compute, storage, networking, security, virtualisation, etc.

This problem is solved by HCI – hyperconverged infrastructure – technology. Providing a full-stack-solution, this hyperconverged platform supports almost any application.

Voordelen_Nutanix_2Web-scale engineering is combined with consumer-grade management to support any workload in multi-cloud environments.

Some advantages:

  • Ease of use: dependency on IT specialists is reduced by making complex IT tasks available with only one click.
  • 100% software: one operating system controls several hardware platforms as well as all IT locations.
  • Freedom of choice: you opt for the best of breed – the hardware, hypervisor, cloud that suit your business best.
  • Time savings: you can implement and control a complete infrastructure stack in just a few minutes.

Voordelen_Nutanix_3Curious to know what Nutanix can mean for your business? Feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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