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Quincy Cabral

Senior Sales Representative
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Most promising security vendors for 2022

Many companies claim to offer the best Cyber and Network Security services. Today, there are hundreds of solutions available that address different areas of IT security — from malware protection to...

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How ethical hackers saved your privacy and PowerPoint presentations

Is your data safe? The question is more hot than ever with a new breach in Barco's Clickshare presentation system. Discover how ethical hackers saved you from a bad night's sleep! 

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This is what hackers really love

Why do hackers choose your company? How do they prefer to hack and which assets do they prefer to attack? It's all in the new HackerOne report.

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Why ransomware should concern you

Ransomware is growing. In size, in scale, in finesse. It is one of the greatest cyber security threats companies are facing right now. Here is an example and some handy tips.

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2018 in hacks

2018 will certainly be the year of the GDPR, the new European privacy legislation. Reporting a data breach is now compulsory and it shows. A small retrospect for 2018.

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