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Thomas Debouverie

Expert Software Engineer, EASI
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Business Card Scanning in SmartSales: a guideline

In this article, we explain how to scan and save in the blink of an eye, all the information found on the business cards you receive, directly in your SmartSales application.

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7 days with the iPhone X

Let’s start with the hardware. Apple usually designs beautiful products, this iPhone is no exception.

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The Apple Filesystem


The HFS+ filesystem was created by Apple almost 30 years ago. Since then, it has been the filesystem used on all Apple consumer devices, from iMacs, to MacBooks, iPods & iPhones.

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The One Device - Great innovation is a team sport

The One Device

The book, subtitled “The Secret History of the iPhone”, is definitely worth reading. You can feel it was a little rushed to benefit from the marketing waves of the 10th anniversary....

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IKEA will augment your reality

The IKEA catalog

IKEA already has an app that allows you to browse their catalog, and simulate furniture placement in any room. However this simulation is very rough. Furniture pieces tremble, do not...

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A 'clear all' button in the iOS app switcher?

With app maintenance on an iPhone or iPad, there are basically three kind of users:

1. Users who like to regularly double-press the home button, and swipe up all apps that remain. 2. Users who don't...

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