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Becoming a sales rep, or the art of breaking down taboos!

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Julien Haeck
HR Advisor, EASI

Five years spent in searching for the pearls that will get the IT market in Belgium to take off.  Hundreds (even thousands) of CVs viewed, hundreds of business cases corrected for results... dozens of happy employees!

Having been rated the no. 1 Best Workplace Belgium five times, over time EASI has become a major player in the IT industry in Belgium. Through its 8 offices (Nivelles, Leuven, Liège, Gent, Genk, Paris, Luxembourg, Netherlands) and 220 employees, EASI's DNA lies in the ambition to make every company and every person reach their full potential.

With this in mind, all employees are to be highlighted for their courage, dedication and involvement in the successes that punctuate the history of this amazing adventure. Among them, a group of indomitable salespersons has a particular impact on the growth of the company: Sales Engineers.

But, you might say, why join Sales?

The answer is easy: because you're confident and ambitious. At EASI, we see working in sales as the first link in a chain that will take clients to an optimal level of satisfaction. In this, the Sales team guarantee the added value provided to clients and, through this, support the entire business model followed by EASI. In short, this is a crucial and decisive role at the core of the business.

Do you still not see the importance of this role?

We ask our salespersons to be present on all fronts: from the first contacts to be built with a company until evolving into a relationship where the CEO/CTO/CFO (or a different executive) becomes a true partner and calls you by your first name.

We also expect salespersons to analyse the structure of client companies, implement a win-win business strategy with clients, build a close relationship with our Business Consultants and Project Managers and take part in project meetings to define the best solution to respond to a need.

A superhero? Yes, no doubt about it.

With an analytical spirit and renowned communication skills. All as part of a team of 45 friends with an average age of just 33! We've heard people say that working in Sales had bad press in university classrooms, where it's often reduced to a job of telephone prospecting. The bottom line is that salespersons are described by people who aren't salespersons! Isn't it cruel?

At EASI, we respond by offering you a challenging, privileged, decisive and very dynamic role, with 360° vision. Our best salesman in 2016 says so himself: “My goal isn't to sell but to provide added value”.

If you have his nerve, his analysis and his passion, you'll make an excellent salesperson. Visit the Junior Account Manager page on our job section to discover the first stage of your career!

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