Cloud2be for IBM i ... but not only... AIX

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Yves Simon
Expert System Engineer, EASI

As you all know, at EASI, we offer Cloud and Disaster Recovery services for your IBMi lpars since years. Guess what ? We are now starting the same services for your AIX environments!

We have recently acquired a new Power 8 system dedicated to AIX with 20 cores and 512 GB of RAM, reaching a Performance index of 346,7.

EASI is now able to offer you the following services :


EASI can host your AIX system on a virtualized lpar.  What advantages are in it for you ? You can have a look at our previous blogpost for more information.

Disaster and Recovery

EASI can offer you a reliable Disaster Recovery solution. You can send us your backups through a secured connection. With our NIM server, EASI will manage all the operational tasks to quickly restore your system and put your production back into business.

If you want to know more about our new offering for AIX at EASI, go to our website or contact us.


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