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Cloud2be, the ideal platform for SaaS

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Jean-Michel Block
Managing Partner, EASI

Two years ago EASI took over the source code of a mobile solution. We spent 9 months re-engineering the App and re-organized the backend infrastructure to move the servers to Cloud2be. Then it was ready to be introduced in our collaboration portfolio under the name of SmartSales.

What is SmartSales?

SmartSales is a powerful mobile solution that helps Sales Reps on the road to schedule their appointments, to locate their prospects and customers, to fill in their visit reports or surveys and even enter digitally signed orders.  Additionally, thanks to the built-in document repository, the sales reps always have the latest documentations and presentations at their disposal.  Last but not least, all these feature are available in online as in offline mode !

On top of these mobile features, SmartSales also offers real-time consolidated reporting to the sales manager who can easily track events, identify trends or customers behaviours and take action if needed.

Running on Cloud2be

To date, after less than one year of commercialization, more than 30 customers are using SmartSales on a daily basis.  This represents more than 3000 orders and 4500 reports each month.

The whole underlying infrastructure is powered by Cloud2be and fully operated by the EASI Team.

By joining our development strengths with Cloud2be’s capabilities, we have built the best-of-the-breed solution for mobile sales!


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