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Do you collaborate efficiently

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Jean-Michel Block
Managing Partner, EASI

First, it’s important to clearly define what is collaborate?

Definition: "To work together with another person or group to achieve or do something."

Two key points are essentials to collaborate efficiently.

First of all, each participant must be agree with the basic principles of the collaboration.

To work together means to share, exchange, communicate, define actions, delegate,…

Communication can be done via several channels like face to face discussions, phone calls, e-mails,… But it’s critical to always well formalize what we exchanged about.

Of course, we can do it per e-mail but… e-Mails we exchange remain stored into our own mailbox. What happens if a new colleague joins our project team later for instance? He does not have access on our mailboxes. So, do we have to forward to him all the e-mails we exchanged together previously? This is not so efficient. Exchanging e-mails is not sharing information.

How do we define, plan, delegate tasks? We can do it per e-mail for instance but… How can we ensure an efficient follow-up of the tasks we defined? e-Mail is not an efficient way to manage tasks.

So... it's easy to understand that to collaborate efficiently, we need more then e-mails, we need a dedicated solution for this.

This is the second key point of an efficient collaboration.

@EASI we use SmartShare APM (Activity and Priority Management). SmartShare APM is an ideal solution for an efficient collaboration.

Face to face discussions, phone calls or e-mails remain useful, APM does not replace it, it allows us to centralize it into a unique sharing environment. By doing so, we ensure that all participants involved in a same project team get access and visibility on all the information exchanged, even if they joined the team later.

Collaborate means also exchange documents. @EASI we store those documents into SmartShare DM, our document management solution. This product allows us to centralize all our documents and to find it quickly thanks to metadata, search engines and filing views,...

SmartShare APM & DM are fully integrated with our mail platform IBM Notes/Domino. This is real advantage which allows us to manage our inbox in a stressless way and to get it empty at the end of each day. Of course SmartShare APM & DM are also integrated with MS Outlook/Exchange.

SmartShare APM & DM are also available anywhere thanks to the mobile native app.

Of course, other solutions exist like Sharepoint for instance. But as I know, SmartShare is one the easiest solution to configure and to deploy. No development are required.

Today we can affirm that our efficient collaboration is the main reason of the success story of EASI!

We were always convinced by the importance of an efficient collaboration. Moreover, we started with the development of our SmartShare solution at the beginning of EASI in 1999. This is prior to MS Sharepoint which was released for the first time in 2001!

More recently, we developed SmartMail. A revolutionary full web based Mail solution available on Cloud2be, the cloud infrastructure of EASI. SmartMail is mail service which replaces your current mail platform and converts it into a powerful and userfriendly collaborative platform.

If you are also convinced by the importance of an efficient collaboration, don't hesitate to contact us, we can help you in implementing the required procedures and an appropriate solution. We have experience with several solutions like EASI SmartShare, EASI SmartMail, IBM Connections, Microsoft Sharepoint,...

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