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Easi commits to CAP48 and CliniCoders

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Constance Lecomte

Our two CEOs, Jean-François Herremans and Thomas Van Eeckhout, took on a physical challenge to support two organizations close to our hearts: CAP48 and CliniCoders.On September 23, they will take turns running a 10-km course in Trois-Ponts in the province of Liège. Their goal? To run 100 km in less than 30 hours.

You can support them in this great adventure by donating directly through this link

Although this was originally a challenge organized by CAP48, Easi has pledged to donate the same amount to CliniCoders raised during the 100 km event.

What is CAP48

Since January 2023, Easi has been a heartfelt partner of CAP48, a solidarity initiative of RTBF. Concretely, this association provides assistance and support to people with disabilities as well as young people facing difficulties.

Its goal in the Walloon-Brussels Federation and the German-speaking community is to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive society that improves the daily life and future of people with disabilities, young people in difficulty, and underprivileged families.

More info: https://www.cap48.be/

About CliniCoders

In January 2022, Easi and the non-profit association CoderDojo initiated a partnership. As part of this initiative, Easi supports the "CliniCoders" project led by CoderDojo4All.

Specifically, some of our volunteer colleagues visit children admitted to the hospital for an extended period and introduce them to technology in a fun way. Easi also donates the proceeds from the Keynotes given by our CEOs. 

More info: https://coderdojobelgium.be

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