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EASI invests €2 million in Strategy Execution Management

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Laurent Boveroux
Marketing officer

The IT company EASI enters the Strategy Execution Management market. 2 million euros, 2 acquisitions, a new expertise and a new methodology. These are the ingredients that EASI will be using to get strategic insight out of its clients' data.

A data-driven future

"Companies often have a huge amount of data. Unfortunately, too little of it is used to help optimize the implementation of corporate strategy," explains Ludovic Michaux, Managing Partner at EASI. "Today, we notice that far too many business leaders mistakenly think that advanced data exploitation is reserved for large companies. While many structures of different sizes are now accumulating exploitable data, discovering which ones can bring real added value remains a complex discipline. Our goal is to help our clients implement their strategy and optimize it by targeting the most relevant data", adds Ludovic Michaux. 

2 acquisitions

To achieve its ambitions, EASI recently acquired two new companies. The first one, DInsights, based in Luxembourg, strengthens EASI's workforce with its expertise in the field of Business Intelligence. The second, PIT Business, located in Charleroi, is known for the development of the SPooM software. This is an advanced decision support tool that is now part of the catalog of solutions offered by EASI. Both companies have more than 10 years of experience in both functional and technical fields.

Jean-François Herremans, CEO of EASI, is delighted with these acquisitions. "We welcome two leading companies into the EASI family, which is now undergoing unparalleled expansion. We look forward to working with PIT Business and DInsights to broaden our expertise and continue to serve our clients with innovative and high-performance solutions".


EASI and PIT Business share a common vision. Mathieu Pignon, founder of PIT Business, explains: "Many companies could look at things more efficiently. They first opt for a Business Intelligence (BI) or dashboarding tool, which is in fact only the last step in the process. Ludovic Michaux adds: "This is why, together, we have set up a new methodology, Data4Decisions. We want to enable companies to first think about their strategy before examining which tool proves to be the most suitable. In this way, a company will be able to make intelligent use of its data in order to choose the indicators that will make the difference in their strategic decisions".

Ludovic Michaux concludes, "Our methodology helps companies to clarify their objectives, to promote their implementation, to better mark out and increase the chances of success of such large-scale projects".

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