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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

Not 1, not 5… We are currently looking for 20 new motivated collaborators for our Adfinity team.

And as we’ve heard that we never do anything like the others, once again we want to mark this milestone in the only EASI way we know: organizing a-never-seen-before one day event!

Every year, we hire 35 persons. We can say it proud and loud: we know the recruitment process by heart. We also know how frustrating it is, as well for the recruiters as for the candidates, to only have a few minutes during their interview to get to know each other. 

Knowing that, we have decided to break the rules and launch a new way of getting to know if our candidates are the ones we are looking for. They are going to spend a day full of surprises and adventures with us at Koezio.
Transformed in special agents for a day, they will have to resolve business cases, enigmas, jump, run, roll, trust their team,… Cherry on the cake: they will all have the opportunity to meet directly their future Managers for an unusual interview!  
If you are interested, go check our event page.

Hurry up! You can subscribe until Sunday June 25.

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