Team meetings and Transparency

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Filip Van Hove
Marketing Officer, EASI

At EASI, last week was an exciting week. As usual we had our 3-monthly team meeting

This is a tradition where we discuss - 4 times a year- the company results, new projects and other trivia within the department. We evaluate the company together and see how we’ve been doing. This also is a good opportunity where we emphasise and communicate new projects or a new focus of the company.

Why are we doing this?

Because at EASI we value transparency and we want our employees to be updated of our new goals, developments and results. This is really one of the building blocks of the strength of the relationship between the employees and the culture of the company.
For me personally it is a fun get together with the team in a relaxed atmosphere where we check up on everything. I always look forwards to this meeting because I like to be informed about the railing and sailing of the company. We are shown the financial numbers. New hires. Possible issues or challenges and they are all discussed in a free and open way. Everything is updated and no questions are taboo.

This also shows that the management cares to share all information and that they value the fact that employees are informed. They also realise that this information sharing contributes to the strategic goals of the company. The management realises that the more informed people are, the more innovative the solutions will be that they come up with.

A couple of the agenda points of this meeting were:

The change to the bigger and even more modern building
New people hired
Who are we still looking for? Which profiles? 
How are the financial results of the last 3 months? 
How have certain products been doing? How are sales going? 
New HR projects
After the information part, together with some snacks, drinks and a good atmosphere, we went to eat to a restaurant or had dinner at the company. With off course the adapted pousse-café and some wine. ;-)

It was a great evening. It helped off course, that the results were truly, very good.

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