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Why we run a business blog

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

As many enterprises, we own a blog… And we love it! As you know, running a blog has become crucial for any company that wants to keep its suppliers, partners, clients and collaborators up-to-date with any corporate and products news.

Do you really still need to put energy in a blog in 2016?

Yes, you do.

If nowadays social media platforms love to steal the show when it comes to digital communication, blogging stays the central piece of our external communication. From a digital marketing point of view, the main goal of a company blog, if well managed and written, is to achieve great scores in terms of SEO ranking. This objective motivates us to do everything we can to become the reference in B2B ICT information in Belgium and beyond. Through multiple client’s testimonials, products updates articles and tutorials about new features, we can inform our contacts every day about what really interests them. More than a service provider, we’ve become a source of ICT and HR strategy hot news. The corporate division of our blog is also a practical way to reach prospects as well as job candidates.

Why do you write so many articles about your daily life at EASI?

Because we are so proud of it.

Regularly, we post behind-the-scenes glimpses of our unique work environment. These informal posts are meant to illustrate the human and friendly touch we’re famous for. Since day 1, each EASIer can write an article about one of his EASI stories. Will it be about the legendary kick-off? His first week in our offices? The last Fell Good Event or Sales Trip? Each day brings a new story to tell.

What was wrong with the old one?

As much as we loved our popular but vintage-looking old blog, existing since 2012 (that is to say a thousand years in blog time), it was time to let him rest after many years of good work and services. We decided to give our blog a new face and a new architecture. The technical aspects had to be improved. Jérémy, our amazing Graphic Design Advisor has worked countless hours on hundreds of details such as: gathering all the articles about the different solutions in one place, improving the look and feel of the blog but also of every post page, for computer as well as mobile view, creating a new comments system and, finally, setting up a new social media sharing system.

We hope you’ll have as much pleasure in discovering our new blog as we had imagining and creating it.
Have a good reading!


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