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EASI's Business Approach

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Gabriel Schnackers
Channel Developer, EASI

Incorporating EASI's "SmartSales" team has been really revealing - find out what their business approach is and how a customer profits from that! During the last few month, I have had the privilege to incorporate the SmartSales team of EASI in the scope of my final year as a student. Here are the key insights that I discovered about their business approach and that I would like to share with you:


Personally, I have always believed that one must believe in the product first if he successfully wants to sell it. As of the beginning, I was amazed by the different features that ‘SmartSales’ has to offer. Indeed, the added value for sales teams offered by the solution is unique. Not only does ‘SmartSales’ offer considerable value, but it also keeps evolving with time taking into consideration customer feedback and in-house innovation/creativity.

Selling is understanding your customer first

Besides a compelling product, the overall sales approach is an important aspect on which EASI focusses a lot. At EASI, selling is all about understanding the customer in order to respond to his needs in the appropriate manner. For ‘SmartSales’, this means identifying what features might improve the sales cycle of the sales team and dropping those that do not add value in the specific context of the customer.

In order to successfully propose a personalized product, the ability to listen and show empathy is the key factor of a successful commercial relationship with a customer.


The last ingredient of what makes the sales team of ‘SmartSales’ successful is the motivation that the sales representatives show on a daily basis. Indeed, the commitment towards EASI as an organization is unlike any other place I have been to.
By fully trusting their employees, the management managed to create a unique culture of drive, motivation and putting in extra effort in order to please the customer.

Combined, those aspects are a powerful tool to create lasting customer relationships and respond to evolving market needs.

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