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From a meeting to corporate transparency

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Seppe Lemmens

How do we bring our employees together? How do we inform everyone at the same time? Discover the secret of our Flanders Meeting.

At EASI, we put a lot of effort into the well-being of our employees. That's why it's important and convenient for employees to be aware of what's happening in the company.

The right initiative for the right site

In order to guarantee transparency, we constantly evaluate and evolve towards new concepts. We continue to grow strongly, so we try out different things.

Free Talks

For the time being, we have two offices in Wallonia. Nivelles and Liège. So most people are regularly in Nivelles. That's why we organise Free Talks there. A meeting in which you can ask any question to the management and to which they will answer honestly.

It's that simple.

It is not uncommon for participants to leave that meeting with more information than when they entered the room. The advantage? Everyone is on the same page. When things are questioned, it is done openly. The fact that the management can explain, clarify or frame a decision ensures that everyone understands why a certain decision was taken. Moreover, this openness also creates a basis for support in case there was none before.

The Flanders Meeting

We now have 3 offices in Flanders. Our employees don't always see each other in one site anymore. To compensate for this, we have been organising the Flanders Meeting for some time now.

In the first place, of course, this is an information meeting where we do not shy away from any topic.

  • Have the sales teams achieved their goals?
  • which are the biggest projects at the moment and is everything going well there?
  • Who are the new employees and what are they going to do?
  • Which projects is MKT and HR working on?
  • etc.

At the end of the meeting we also have a mini free talk. Everyone gets the chance to ask a question. We have even introduced a system where people can submit a question in advance via an anonymous survey. This way we are sure that no topic will be avoided.

Another boring meeting? Not at all!

Every Flanders Meeting is unique, no meeting is a copy of the previous one. That's because the initiative comes from the colleagues.

Each time there are two or three colleagues who organise the meeting and everyone has different ideas. This provides a personal touch and involvement. Everyone gets the same limited budget, but the surprise will live on. Everyone is creative with that budget - close a deal here and there - and so you just want to know what it will be like this time.

The meeting already took place at various locations: our own offices in Flanders - Leuven, Genk, Ghent - but also sometimes in a cinema and even once in the stadium of OHL.

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Different organizers every time? That is to say, each time a different menu. No boring sandwiches at this meeting. Tasty fries, a fancy wok dish, a barbecue or even a pig on a spit. Everything is possible.

So yes, when we organize a meeting, we do it right. That's exactly why, as organizer of the previous meeting, I'm already looking forward to the next meeting.

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