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Happy New v3 !

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Marion Descamps
Marketing Officer

A major brand new version of SmartSales is coming on January 22nd : the version 3.0. Discover here all our brand new features !

This year, we go even more mobile

This year, we take a real step forward in mobility : SmartSales is now also available on your phone in beta version ! Complementary to our iPad version, you will indeed get all your favorite features directly from your pocket.

For Apple Addicts ...

Our iPhone version will allow you to use Clients Module, Survey, Planning, Visit reports, Collaboration Module and Products Catalog/Order.













... But also for Android lovers

You know the expression : good news never come single handed. This is why SmartSales will also be available on your Android phone (a few days after the iPhone version). 

You will be able to access Clients Module, Survey, Planning, Visit reports and Collaboration Module from your Android phone.

SmartSales on Androïd smartphone


Both beta versions are available on your AppStore and Google Play Store.

Beta version, what do we mean by this?

This means that as it is the first time we launch a phone version of your favorite Sales App, we made our very best and we are constantly seeking for improvement. Do not hesitate to report us your feedback about this new mobile version. 


Have you ever dreamed of a global overview of your activities? Even better, where you could check all activities (meetings, orders, visit reports...) related to a customer? 

As a manager, you need to keep an eye on the activities of your sales representatives?

It was your dream, we've made it : thanks to our brand new Timeline module, you can get an overview of all your activities (past and future). You can filter them per customer or per type of activity (only visit reports, for example). All of this will appear in an easy-to-read chronological view, allowing you to navigate smoothly through these. 

Discover the Timeline module both on the web and on the apps.

Never miss an event

SmartSales is more than ever the must-have app to manage your agendas.

Your main calendar

From now on, you can select an external "main calendar". Its content will be duplicated in your SmartSales planning. This means that if you create an event in your selected "main calendar", it will automatically appear in your SmartSales App. This is particularly interesting if you have different professional calendars, for example. No need to juggle different calendars in different apps anymore! 

Your other agendas

You can also link other calendars (private, your partner's calendar, ...) with your SmartSales app. You will never miss an appointment or make double-bookings anymore.

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