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How to speed up your application backups

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Significantly speed up your backups and lower the bandwith send between your backup server and your Data Domain System? We have the solution.

The solution

People who know Data Domain, know and value DDBOOST. It is a protocol available on Dell-EMC Data Domain.

It allows you to speed up your backups significantly and lower the bandwidth send between your backup server and your Data Domain System.

With DDBOOST you can move the in-line de-duplication process away from the Data Domain to your backup proxy's.

When deploying multiple proxy's using the DDBOOST protocol, you can really scale your throughput.

It can be integrated

The good news does not stop there. Did you know that DDBOOST can also be integrated in multiple applications, such as Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle RMAN, SAP & SAP HANA?

The advantage here is you can use the same technology which will give you the same benefits regarding speed, but gives you additional benefits regarding flexibility.

Data Base Administrators like to handle and schedule their backups themselves. Often they store their backups on the Data Base server it self which often causes issues (full disk, slow backups, impact performance on server etc).

With the DDBOOST plugin, you can give the possibility to your DBA to manage their backups themselves, while you can be sure that the backups are stored on a safe location, and not somewhere on a local disk on a server.


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User Case

We recently deployed the DDBOOST plugin on the SQL Server of Adfinity. The team supporting the SQL Server, was astonished by the results of the backup speed.

They can now backup + 250GB of databases in less then 6 minutes, which is a throughput of 0.8 GB/s. If you are interested in a POC, feel free to contact us.

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