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Digital workspaces exist with VMware Workspace ONE

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Tom Vallons
Partner Development Manager, VMware

Business Mobility is a top investment area for CIOs. Business Mobility is not about technology, but about people, and more specifically about helping people to be more productive in their work, and thus enhance the business value of the company significantly.

VMware helps companies with its technology, plus services from its partners, to make a digital workspace available for their employees, so that they can access all their applications and data with the device of their choice. We thus make it really very easy for users to work in a flexible and efficient manner, while the technology ensures that the IT team continues to keep security under control. In this way, companies can adapt far better to the changing world in which they operate and stay a step ahead of their competitors.

Start-ups can opt immediately for the latest types of applications -- often web-based, but also mobile applications. Existing companies, however, invested in other applications which were then – and often still are – crucial to supporting their business.  They cannot simply throw those legacy applications overboard, as they are still far too important for the company. We can use a beautiful figure of speech to say that all customers are trying to cross the bridge from the old client-server world to the modern cloud and mobile world, although they are admittedly seriously hindered by the heavy burden of all those legacy applications. It’s like they are carrying heavy suitcases, which are slowing them down, crossing that bridge. But as that legacy is often still mission critical for them, they simply cannot just drop and leave those heavy suitcases behind. If we can help them, by deploying technology, and make those crucial legacy applications more mobile and therefor also lighter, then they can leave those heavy suitcases behind along the way, and thus they become able to make the transition faster and smoother.

The digital workspace is no longer an illusion. It has become reality with VMware Workspace ONE.


We make it as easy as possible for users: real self-service with built-in single sign on (only 1 user ID and password to remember, in other words) to go to the apps of their choice and access confidential data. We are going to create a relationship of trust, as it were, between the user, his device and theenterprise applications that he needs to be successful. These are not only mobile or web-based applications, but also those legacy Windows applications which are still ever so important for many companies.

Please have a look at this short video: Self-Service Access to Cloud, Mobile & Windows Apps in Workspace ONE :





It is crucial that the IT team can guarantee security at all times. Which user may access which applications and which not?  When may he see specific data, and when not? VMware Workspace ONE goes further than simply conducting an identity check. Consider for instance conditional access, which entails checking that the device used by the user meets certain compliancy standards, before access to information is made possible. It is therefore very important that these security policies can be centrally managed and upgraded.

This short video shows how you can enhance security by combining Workspace ONE with VMware NSX virtual networking technology: Higher Visibility & Security in Workspace ONE





Which device policy should you now pursue to steer all this in the right direction? Should IT determine which devices users may only use to work? Or will you give users the freedom to be able to work with the device of their choice? From the technical point of view, this dilemma is no longer relevant. With the digital workspace, you can use both Corporate Owned Devices, and BYOD, with peace of mind. With Workspace ONE you can constantly make sure that everything runs securely.



In short, with a digital workspace, you can make it really easy for your users to use any device, wherever they are, whilst the IT team can guarantee security (‘consumer-simple meets enterprise secure’).

To find out more about VMware Workspace ONE, check this webpage or review all Business Mobility announcements of February 10th here.

Tom Vallons, Partner Development Specialist Business Mobility, VMware Benelux

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