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When mobile telephony meets big data

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

Time to lift another corner of the veil of our Inspiration Day of June 1st!

Proximus is one of the partners of our Inspiration Day and will give a speech about mobile telephony and Big Data. The presentation will be given by Loïc Lauwers. Loïc is Proximus Employee for more than 20 years. He is now responsible for a Sales Team of 9 Key Account and Account Managers. They are covering a very wide geographical area in order to help and support their customers in the development and growth of their business. 

Loïc has sent us an abstract of the presentation he will give. Give it a read and register now for our Inspiration Day! 

"The art of fighting without weapons means dealing with anticipation, creating the “surprise-effect”, acting differently or adopt a disruptive behaviour to destabilize the opponent. Every day, companies are fighting against constraining legislation, lack of ressources, price increase of raw materials, price increase of energy and unfair competition.  Choosing the right battle and the appropriate weapons is of utmost importance. 

Proximus has the ambition to help you in this daily challenge by sharing with you creative tools to differentiate yourself and create the “surprise-effect”. We’ll look at concrete examples of differentiating paths leading to opportunities for you to get out as a winner”. 

Curious about this speech? Register now!

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