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Internship at Easi

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Gerben Fiesack

I had the amazing chance to discover Easi during an internship of two months.

My first day

From the start, I was fully part of the Easi family. On my first day, I got an extensive introduction to Easi. The corporate structure was presented, and I got to know the Easi values, which are largely supported by every employee. Personally, I like the friendliness among colleagues the most. Every morning, before you start working, you are expected to greet everyone personally. By doing this, I got to know all my amazing colleagues. The rest of this day was filled with interesting trainings.

Great learning opportunity

Easi gave me the chance to develop my professional skills by giving me autonomy on my projects and by teaching me the dos and don'ts of a consultant. I even had the chance to present an internal project at the Vlaanderen meeting. On the regular follow-up meetings with my manager, I could share my vision on the projects. On these meetings, goals were always clearly specified, but I could freely choose the path towards it. The main things I learned are:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Planning matters
  • Autonomously completing projects
  • SQL and DAX coding

Work hard, play hard

At Easi we work hard, but also play hard. Besides the PlayStation in relax area, many events are organized by and for colleagues. Even as an intern, I have joined:

  • After work drink
  • Intercompany football
  • Team building
  • Monthly breakfast at work

This internship gave me the chance to exploit a variety of skills in the best possible atmosphere. Therefore, I would like to thank all my colleagues and advise Easi to everyone.

Now, I fully understand why Easi is the Best Workplace To Work.

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