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Introducing: the Cloud2be Self Service Portal

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Discover it's advantages, why it will improve your flexibility and the answers to frequently asked questions.

Who can use it?

Customers who are using Cloud2be as their cloud platform.

What is it?

The self service portal is based on the industry standard software vCloud Director of VMware. This solutions adds on an abstraction layer to be able to give full multi tenancy support.

What are the advantages?

It gives much more flexibility towards your company and your IT Team for managing your virtual machines in your virtual data center.

It allows you for example to:

  • take over the remote console,
  • start and stop the VM,
  • change the virtual hardware configuration

You can for example change amount of RAM, CPU, move the VM to a new storage policy and so on...

How does it work?

Based on the contract resources, we carve out one or multiple virtual data centers and assign the resources to that virtual data center.

Within this virtual data center, you can manage your virtual machines as you would manage them on premise.

What is still to come?

We will continue to add services on top in the coming year, like:

  • self service deployment,
  • advanced integrated monitoring,
  • geo-redundancy,
  • on-premise to cloud
  • ...

Feel free to contact us to experience it yourself, we are happy to setup a demo environment. 

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