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Job focus: Antoine Rucquoy, Software Engineer

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Mégane Fastrez
PR and Communication, EASI

What are the two essential assets of a developer at Easi? "The desire to learn and the concern of quality." But what does "develop" means? See what Antoine told us.

The 20 years mark has passed, a bachelor's degree in computer science in hand, an internship at Easi as his first professional experience and, two years later, Antoine tells us his story as a developer.

"I wanted to be pilot in the army"

I wasn't going to study computer science, I wanted to be a pilot in the army! Unfortunately and despite my good results, I failed the last medical examination because of...my hay fever and a little asthma. Now what do I do? I remembered doing some development with tutorials to keep me busy when I was a kid. A few thoughts later I found myself studying computer science in Montignies.

Developing is...

The diploma as such defines nothing. There are many criteria, character traits that count in our profession.

Developing is loving to learn and not relying on what you already master. Our environment changes very quickly. The most difficult thing is to take the time to learn a new language while we master others. That's what makes us evolve as a developer. During my internship I was developing in a language I didn't know, I hadn't studying it at school but challenge accepted. I became an iOS developer at Easi also because I am a fan of Apple. I was even able to participate in Apple's WWDC, an annual event for developers.

"We're developing in a new language, are you ready to learn it?"

Developing also means thinking about others and aiming for quality. We regularly work from a project perspective to develop a new module of the application. Each developer has a unique way of writing with a programming language and fingerprints within the same code multiply. It is therefore important to ensure that any other developer will be able to understand our code. This aspect allows a development to be maintained over the long term and to be flexible to change (adding modules such as a new code).

Easi in three words?

Dynamism. Performance. Recognition.

A message for future Easi developers?

Maybe you will join Easi as a first professional experience just like me. Not only work punctuates Easi's daily life, we also like to have fun in a good atmosphere and celebrate as soon as we can. This allows us to take a breath because we put a lot of effort into our work, we invest a lot. There's one last thing I'd like to tell you, will you dare to challenge me to kicker at lunchtime? It starts here.

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