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Job Focus : Félix Thiry, Business Consultant

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Marion Descamps
Marketing Officer

How do you grow from IT Newbie to Adfinity Business Consultant and Coach? Read all about Félix's story in this job focus.

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Two years and a half ago, Félix joined our Adfinity department. Quickly spotted for his technical and human qualities, he started as a Consultant and grew quickly to Business Consultant. Nine months ago, Félix was offered to become a Coach Adfinity. Let's take a look at his story. 

Who's Félix?

"I studied Business Engineering at Solvay (Brussels). I really enjoyed my studies : I had the opportunity to develop technical skills, but also a different way of thinking and a sense of resourcefulness. The moment I'll always remember? Without hesitation, my international exchange in USA (Washington). Living abroad during 6 months, learning a new language, get used to another way to teach and learn, to a different culture, ... I loved it."

Once graduated from university, it was suddenly time to think about his future job. "I started my career in Finance, first as an auditor and then as a financial controller. After 3 years, I questioned myself from a professional point of view. I wanted to extend my field of expertise. To evolve in a smaller structure, to feel I had more impact on decisions and projects. Overall, I wanted to have more direct contacts with clients."

The EASI way

An obvious decision

Félix hears about EASI for the first time via a (future) colleague, "a bit randomly". "EASI matched all of my criteria : a "human size" enterprise (we were about 180 employees at that time), a flourishing department that was offering me the opportunity to bring my added-value and where I could feel I had impact on projects. The young and dynamic corporate culture was the icing on the cake : I started in February 2017 as a Consultant."

A new challenge for Félix who had only basic knowledge of IT from his studies 3 years ago. "I was happy to have strong accounting skills, very useful to get started with Adfinity. About IT, it was a total different story. I had the chance to be coached by qualified (and helpful) colleagues. I'm still learning, though!"

Business Consultant, what is it like?

According to Félix, the job of Business Consultant begins right after contract signature. It can be summarized into 3 main phases. 


"First, you need to understand and analyze all pieces of information collected by your commercial colleagues : client's priorities, attention points if any (budget, timing, quality, ...), sector, business,... It's crucial to understand and be able to fulfill client's demand." 


"Second phase consists in implementing the project. During that step, you need to analyze the situation deeper, at a functional level, to ensure final solution matches perfectly client's needs and reaches our quality standards. Regular project follow-up is essential : we make sure budget and timing aspects are in line and we immediately react in case of problem. Communication and transparency are part of EASI's DNA."

Change management

"During third and last phase, we ensure that we get 100% satisfied client and that reality have met expectations. Change management is also a big part of our job as people have to get used to a new working tool."

Most of the time, story continues : "When a client is happy, we often get new projects : legal, improvement of existing solutions, ... This is how we get back to first phase."

Step by step ...

When Félix is asked to summarize his 2 years and a half at EASI, the answer is brief : "Time goes by so fast!" 

"Actually, I haven't had any time to get bored as I constantly receive new challenges. This allowed me to grow and learn so much in terms of project management. I put more thinking and structure in my daily job and I work even more efficiently than before."

"Two years and a half at EASI? Time goes by so fast!"

These new skills did not go unnoticed. One year after his start as a Consultant, Félix got promoted as a Business Consultant. Six months later, he became a Coach. "This is something I really appreciate about EASI : you get recognition for your achievements and you are always being pushed to the next level. There are so many opportunities. My job have never stopped evolving in terms of content and coaching." 

In total, Félix coaches three persons.  A brand new dimension for him : "This is something I had never done before. I had to learn but I love it. The return on investment of coaching is really worth it. It feels so good to see colleagues grow in their job and to work within a qualitative and motivated team. Projects are running smoothly and get more and more important and complex, while the team gets more and more autonomy." What else?

Who's next?

I bet this inspired you to become Business Consultant. Félix would therefore recommend "not to be afraid to appear enthusiastic and resourceful. Also, and even if EASI hires many different profiles, it is crucial not to be afraid of IT. Finally, client is key so ... Smile! :)".

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