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Job Focus : Renauld Duchesne, Mister cybersecurity

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Laurent Boveroux
Marketing officer

Renauld Duchesne, Executive Business Manager of the Security department at Easi, talks about the challenges of his position and shares his vision for the future of cybersecurity at Easi.

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Career start abroad

After successfully completing his studies as "IT sales engineer", Renauld began his career in Ireland. He joined Oracle in Dublin as an IT sales representative. "It was the best training school I could have dreamed of to start in the professional world. I learned a lot there." However, despite good career prospects, the content of the job and the fact that he was away from his family did not quite fit him.

Arriving at Easi

It was about 9 years ago that Renauld first walked through the doors of Easi for a day that would change his life. At the time, still living in Dublin, he was preparing to complete all of his interviews in one afternoon.

The first impression is more than positive: "I had a great afternoon in the Easi offices. I met some incredible people who have become my colleagues today. I walked through the corridors, I breathed that special atmosphere that I know so well today."

The thoughtfulness he received also confirmed his choice: "I remember being driven back to the station by Ludovic Lo Brutto (Executive Sales Manager at Easi) quite unexpectedly, so that I could catch my plane that very evening".

A few weeks later, Renauld began his career at Easi as Junior Sales. He quickly climbed the ladder to become Executive Business Manager of the Security department.

A week in Renauld's shoes, what does it look like?

As manager in the Security department at Easi, Renauld wears two hats. One of his responsibilities is to find solutions that meet the needs of his clients, position them in the market, and help our sales engineers own them.

Besides that, Renauld is currently training two people: "I take great pleasure in seeing them grow. Their accomplishments give me much more satisfaction than mine."

It's an extremely multifaceted job that requires a long-term vision and a good dose of agility and organization. Especially when it comes to responding to a client's request.

What qualities can you count on?

"I am a good listener and I can easily grasp the challenges that I face. I also succeed in projecting myself far enough to anticipate them."

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"I was prepared to become manager."

Easi has the particularity of promoting its managers and executives internally. All our managers have proven their abilities within the company. None of them have been recruited elsewhere on the basis of achievements not observable at Easi. "I believe, this is a real guarantee of quality for all the stakeholders of our company, and I am convinced that it is one of the keys to our success."

Renauld also believes that the best managers and directors know the people they work with, know what they do and know what is expected of them.

"When you become manager, you're usually managing something you were doing just before. The day I was promoted, I didn't wake up differently the next day. It was the logical continuation of my career path, and I was prepared for it."

Repeat after me: PRAGMATISM!

Today, more and more companies are active in the field of cybersecurity. Fortunately, Renauld's pragmatic approach and future-proof solutions allow Easi to make the difference. This is the echo Renauld hears most often: "When a project comes to an end, our clients often tell us that it is our pragmatic approach that has made the difference. They knew what they could expect and that they would be well accompanied throughout the process." 

What vision for the future?  

The IT world is changing rapidly. Although all the indications are green, the situation may change abruptly: "I'm glad that Easi is constantly questioning itself. We are not naïve and we are never satisfied. That's why we're always looking for ways to improve, even for things that are working very well today." 

As far as our Security department is concerned, the growing needs will attract many new customers and diversify the type of solutions Easi will offer in the future. For Renauld, growth must also go hand in hand with automation: "We have to ensure that tomorrow our experts and sales engineers only perform tasks with high added value." 

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