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Job Focus: Tracy Bulbo System Engineer

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Mégane Fastrez
PR and Communication, EASI

Tracy has been working as a system engineer at Easi for a year and a half. A very diversified job in which she comes into contact every day with many colleagues and customers. Find out what she's doing here!

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How did you end up at Easi?

In my previous position, I didn't have the opportunity to develop as I wanted. In total, I stayed there for five years, but I felt that I wanted to do something new. When I started looking for another work, I saw an Easi job offer that matched my profile very well. When I saw that they had also been named Employer of the Year, I was very enthusiastic.

At first I thought it was just a price, but now that I've been here for a year and a half, I feel that the image is right. Easi makes a huge effort to make your working conditions as pleasant as possible. We work hard, but the satisfaction is commensurate with the work done. 

What exactly are you doing?

My work is very diverse and that's exactly what I like about it. For example, I have weeks of projects and others where I can work on larger tasks such as installing and configuring a server. On other days, I work at the hotline or take care of at least five tickets a day.

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Companies or customers who have a question call us or create an online ticket and that's when the work starts for me. I like to help them, give them advice or solve problems.

What do you like about Easi?

As employees, Easi leaves us free to decide what activities we want to organize. Since this year, I have also been part of the Feel Good Sport team. This means that we organize various sports activities for our colleagues throughout the year.

We try to organize an activity every two months. Kayaking, bowling, mini-football tournament, but also karting. It's very wide. In this way, I get to know many colleagues in a different way.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to do this job?

As a System Engineer, you must obviously have a basic knowledge of IT, but it is also very important that you also like helping people and that you are solution-oriented.

Above all, you have to be customer-oriented because we are in contact with them almost all the time.

Thank you Tracy!

We now know exactly what you are doing, thank you for your explanation! Are you as motivated as Tracy to help others and would you like to get in touch with Easi? Then do not hesitate to consult the job offers still available on the Easi website!

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