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MEDSOC & Easi, a stronger partnership

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Sébastien Michels
Senior Sales Engineer, EASI

MEDSOC and Easi strengthen their partnership. Indeed, MEDSOC has turned to Adfinity as its accounting and purchasing management software.

MEDSOC has been active in the hospital sector for over 35 years. A company which, through its cost-sharing model, allows its members to benefit from software solutions while taking an active part in their evolution. Billing, computerized patient records, pharmacy management... The solutions offered are complete and varied!

Easi is a software editor that has been active for many years, especially in the hospital sector. The proposed solution - Adfinity - offers a management of the accounting, the purchases, the stocks & close to the reality of the sector.

Complete & integrated solution

MEDSOC & Easi is above all the guarantee of working with complementary & fully integrated products that operate on several levels:

- Pharmacy management : APO & Adfinity

- Central warehouse management: ECHO & Adfinity

- Billing management: SOFIA & Adfinity

The interfaces have been designed to facilitate the work of those in the field. For example, when a patient comes to the reception desk, the agent can have direct access to the patient's accounting situation (open invoices, disputes).

In technical terms, the technologies used are modern and in line with current issues.

Emilien Wallet, developer at Easi:

"The interfaces were developed solely via Webservice. This offers the possibility to external developers to implement functionalities, linked to Adfinity and specific to the customer context. And this, while keeping the security aspect of not allowing free access to the database."


It's obvious: the digitalization and integration of IT systems are among the main challenges facing companies today.

The choice of a solution is often motivated by the quality of the product and its adequacy to the needs. However, the expertise factor in the sector is too often neglected.

Experience is not acquired overnight: only a succession of successful projects can sharpen the consultants and refine the product to reach the ideal solution. It is therefore essential to ensure that your collaborator has solid references within the sector.

MEDSOC and Easi ensure that you are working with two experts in the medical industry with these solid credentials and years of experience. This results in a quality product and a high level of advice directly linked to the reality of the field.

Local & 100% Belgian players

MEDSOC & Easi are two 100% Belgian players, editors of their own solutions and with a real local anchorage.

In order to accompany companies in the unexpected events that go along with the daily life or in the evolution of the software, it is essential to be able to count on a reactive & close partner.

- You contact a collaborator in emergency for an intervention on site? No problem, he is located in offices in Belgium and will be able to move very quickly to your place.

- You want a development to be done on the software to make it more efficient? Your consultant will be able to exchange directly with a development team located in Belgium. Better yet, if you have any questions, the analyst or developer will contact you directly. Simple and efficient, right?

It is this philosophy based on the human factor and listening that allows MEDSOC and Easi to effectively accompany companies in their evolution and bring them to their full potential. 

First project: CHR Haute Senne

In fact, the collaboration between MEDSOC & Easi products is not new. The two have been working together for many years in the sector.

The CHR Haute Senne project, however, was a precursor on several fronts:
- first Adfinity implementation project proposed directly to its members by MEDSOC
- first complete integration between the SOFIA billing tool and Adfinity
- further integration between APO / ECHO & Adfinity software

There is no doubt about it: CHR Haute Senne will be the first of several projects carried out jointly between the MEDSOC & Adfinity tools.

At the time of writing, two other players have decided to take the plunge and implement Adfinity:
- Clinique Saint-Pierre in Ottignies
- Kliniek St-Vith

To be continued!

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