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A new EASI service : the "Systems Hardening Audit"

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Christophe Verhaeghe
Team Manager, EASI

To answer a growing need coming from our customers and prospects, EASI has decided during 2016 to start a new activity: the Systems Hardening Audit

Is there really a need for a systems hardening audit? Please judge for yourself: try to count the number of spam messages and viruses that delay your systems, the cryptolocker virus that makes you loose time, the integrity of your backups, the access and the securisation of our IT material, your websites, your WiFi network, etc... 

The recruitment of system engineers specialised in network security and the certifications and experiences acquired at our first customers are only some of the elements that allow us today to write this article and to enlarge the panel of added value services that we offer to the mid-sized enterprises in Belgium and Luxembourg. 

What is this systems hardening audit? 

Practically, based on our best practices that are constantly being reviewed, EASI reviews the unavoidable practices to enforce the security of IT systems. (Systems Security Hardening). Once the report is written, it can be presented to the different business units in the company, and to the decision takers. 

A global evaluation is written down and different proposals for improvement are detailed in the report. The IT management of the customer can then, based on the report, make up their own conclusions and decide whether there are actions to be taken. 
Applying the proposed improvements will maximise the security of your IT system while keeping your systems 100% operational

Security is no longer an option. That's why digital security matters are arriving in the spotlight of every economical, strategical or reputational decision maker. 

In the coming months, our offerings in terms of security will keep on growing, with - amongst others - a Penetration Test and a specific focus on IoT (Internet of Things). 

So from now on, whether your coffee machine is connected to your network of not, don't hesitate to contact us. Different standard offerings exist, and are completed with tailor-made audits that can be executed from within your company, or from outside. 

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