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New Horizons, New Opportunities

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Lucie Canon
Channel Developer, EASI

“The world is a village”, as the saying goes, and as the year 2018 begins, it has never been so true.

In the international business, markets that once seemed far away are now your next-door neighbour. EASI is now joining the flow by going international with SmartSales! After the first enriching partnerships in France and Switzerland, the SmartSales team is setting sail on further horizons…

But one does not simply travel overseas without some form of training.

International SmartSales School

Which is why a few weeks ago, EASI launched the International SmartSales School: a two-week long crash course on the mobile solution SmartSales.  Added value, technical specificities, customization, existing partners… The technical and sales teams dedicated a lot of energy to teach their international pupils every secret of SmartSales. And we learned!

Next stop, Montréal

School is over, and all SmartSales students graduated with flying colors. So what is next? The world!

Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland… and for myself, Canada. I’m part of the “Explort” program, conceived and funded by the AWEX (Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency) to help Walloon companies and young graduates join forces in order to conquer new international markets.

After five weeks of working and learning at EASI, I will be in Montréal during March and April. My mission? To get companies of “la Belle Province” to discover how powerful SmartSales can be, and ultimately play the matchmaker and convince one (or several, who knows?) Québécois partner(s) to join forces with EASI.

To be continued...

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