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New MDM customer for Cloud2be : Rossel !

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

The famous Belgian media group Rossel chose our Mobile Device Management solution for its new fleet of several hundreds of Android smartphones that will be used by its reporters all around the country.

Realizing that

  • the number of smartphones used by its staff was dramatically increasing,
  • the use of this smartphones was more and more business centric, coming closer to the core of  its activities,
  • the information stored on and going through these mobile phones was every day more critical and sensitive,
  • its IT team was starting to be overhelmed by the number of devices to manage on a daily basis,

Rossel decided it could no longer deal with those devices on an ad-hoc basis, but that it needed a complete management solution that

  • offers a central point of management.
  • ensures the localisation of each device at any time with precision.
  • enforces security best practices on devices (pass-codes, encryption...).
  • pushes configurations such as email configuration, WiFi networks, etc. to mobile phones.
  • allows the automatic distribution of apps to smartphones.

The MDM solution of Cloud2be includes all those features by default, and will allow Rossel's IT department to manage the smartphones fleet of the company more efficiently than before, while keeping costs in control.


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