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Onboarding of a client on the safe2be platform

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

We're quite proud of our latest onboarding project. Let's have look at the implementation process and the results.

Everything starts with the right platform

For several years now, we have been working with the best backup platform available on the market, but for each project we are still blown away by the:

  • Simplicity of management of the platform
  • Embedded Security of the platform
  • The de-duplication & compression results
  • The Replication speed

The case

For the latest customer we on boarded on our SAFE2BE platform, we have again astonishing results to show.

Reducing backups

  • 44 TB of backups reduced to 1,4 TB on disk due to compression & de-duplication, which is a factor 30X

Regarding the replication speed, we were flabbergasted

  • We placed a 1 Gbit connection between two data centers in Belgium located at more than 100 Km from each other.

On the images below you can see that

  • Pre-compressed bytes sent to destination = 44412000088480 or 44TB.
  • Network bytes sent to destination = 1617871378688 or 1.6TB



Duration of the project

Without this optimization, replicating 44TB over a 1 Gbit line, would take 110 Hours, or 4.5 days. In this specific case we were able to replicate these 44 TB of backups in less than 3 hours. Without Data Seeding!

This is an optimization factor of 27.5 X. for bandwidth.

Are you having difficulties externalizing your backups for Intel X86, IBM Power I, IBM AIX? Are you looking for a fully automated, worry free externalization of your backups, even when your are on holiday?

Are you looking for a trust full local partner, who can restore your backups in case of a disaster on a CLOUD platform?

There is only one address in BENELUX: SAFEB2E

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