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Only 1 in 7 Sales Reps use this crucial skill

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Sander Pauwels
Sales Engineer, EASI

Were you stuck in stress to sign those deals before your closing meeting at the end of last year? Well, then this statistic might open your eyes and give you something to work with!

What’s the skill

Almost all salespeople go through some type of company sales training to learn how to sell their products or services. So, if everyone receives the same training, then why is it some of them become sales rock stars while others struggle.

The answer is simple: self-assessment. High performing salespeople are always self-assessing their skills and performance, looking for ways to improve. Finding out how they can become even better at selling is a never-ending journey for them.

That is why it is so unbelievable that research shows only one in seven salespeople bothers to self-assess after a sales meeting. You can easily boost your skills by implementing this skill into your routine.

How self-evaluations can make you a top salesperson

Self-assessment is essential if you want to get a clear view on your strengths and weaknesses. Achieving your goals does not happen overnight. Don’t be fooled by the act of other sales people, improving your skillset takes time and effort.

So how do you start? With some good questions of course and lucky for you, we have prepared you some:

Bear in mind there are different aspects of the meeting you want to assess like

  • what went well?

A good way to start is by looking at the entire meeting or call. How do you think it went? Could you accomplish your objective? Was it realistic? Were you able to plan a next meeting? If not, why is that? Did you talk enough, too much?

If you feel the meeting went really well, think about what the best parts were, and what you were doing then that made your words or actions so effective. Think about how you can integrate that into your future meetings.

  • what needs improvement?

If the meeting did not entirely go as planned, think about the distractions that caused you to make mistakes. Write down the things you could have said or done that would have made a difference but forgot during the meeting.

  • what caused you trouble?

Think about the moments you stopped and try to identify the reason for those moments. You can always dig deeper and dive into the details, but you get the idea.

The answers to these questions are personal, but don't let that stop you. Agreed you could feel a little 'exposed', but the answer to how you can start selling more, lies within your personal answers. Start identifying your answers and I promise you, it will only make you a better sales person!

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