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Safe2be RBS Cyber Recovery: Secure your backups

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Ransomware attacks are getting more and more sophisticated. For hackers to obtain their goal, they actively target production data as well as backup data. When there is no backup data available for recovery, businesses will most likely end up paying the ransom fee to be able to restore their data.

The true costs of a ransomware are more than just the ransomware fee, but also include:

  • Lost Productivity & Revenue
  • Brand Damage & Customer Loss
  • Incident Response & Forensics
  • Legal Advice
  • Data Validation & Recovery & Re-imaging
  • etc 

Recovering from a major cyber Incident can take several months if the data is recoverable.
Each business should have a business continuity plan and understand that protecting their data does not simply consist of having backups. A much larger strategy is absolutely necessary.

One must understand the following risks for business critical data:

  • All data is susceptible to cyberattacks
  • Data replication can replicate the encryption/corruption
  • Backups are not isolated from the network
  • IT department has full access to backup assets, it is sufficient that administrator credentials get compromised
  • Backup images can be deleted without authorization

How do we secure our customers?

With Safe2be RBS, customers replicate their business-critical data to a highly secured Tier 3+ data center in Belgium. This replication is already protected by several security measures by the nature of his architecture.

On top of the Safe2be RBS, the Cyber Recovery Solution takes the protection of your data even a step further by data isolation and immutability. This solution is designed for business continuity and is an important part to combat ransomware and destructive cyber-attacks.

What are the advantages of Safe2be RBS Cyber Recovery?

  • Data is replicated to an off-site secured vault and protected by an air gap to ensure data isolation. This ensures segregation of security & administration. Only authorized IT staff from the Safe2be RBS solution have access to the vault. No IT staff of the customer has access or ever will get access to the vault.
  • Data will be locked immutable with retention lock and can not be deleted/destroyed before data expiration.
  • In case of a major cyber incident, Safe2be RBS staff can restore your data in a certified clean room.
  • Before bringing the machines back into production, a full forensics & cleaning can be executed. This will ensure for continuity of the business during the time the on-premise environment is cleaned & re-certified for normal operations.
  • We have several methods to ensure that the recovered environment can be synchronized back to the on-premise environment. 

The schema below illustrates the design of our solution

Contact us for more details regarding our solution. 

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