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DB2 Mirror for i: a new milestone in IBM i availability

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

What brings db2 Mirror for I to IBMi that we didn’t had before? Let me explain why it looks like a new milestone in the IBMi availability.

IBMi V7R4 : db2 Mirror for i


With my experience db2 Mirror for I, this looks like a new millstone in the IBMi availability.

So far there where three available technologies to allow:

  • Replication
  • Failover and failback
  • Automation

These technologies where known as:

  • Software replication : Quick-EDD/HA, Mimix, iTera, …..
  • Storage replication : Metro Mirror (MM), Global Mirror (GM), Global Mirror with changed Volumes (GMCV)
  • IBMi replication with PowerHA and XSM Based on iASP

Most of the time customers combine High Availability project with Disaster Recovery project because of the financial impact of buying a tree site infrastructure with network topology.

However, as we all know, none of them were really “High Availability” in the way the customer would like to see it:

  • Continuous availability
  • Load balanced workload
  • Simple to monitor
  • Simple to Failover and to Failback
  • Confident in replicating the information
  • Active to Active
  • Upgradable without downtime : Version and Release upgrade, CUM and Group PTF’s Maintenance.
  • And many other things ….

So, what brings db2 Mirror for I to IBMi that we didn’t have before ?

The answer is: the real foundation blocks build into IBMi db2 for an environment who will never be down unless a Site disaster of course. For this last situation, a DR project will still be necessary.

Of course, this has a price and needs “some” prerequisites:

  • V7R4 : db2 Mirror for I is only available from V7R4 and higher
  • Power8 or Power9 systems. Only Power9 allows to virtualize the RoCE card
  • Ethernet RoCE cards / features
  • 5770SS1 Option 3 (Extended Base Directory Support)
  • 5770SS1 Option 12 (Host Servers)
  • 5770SS1 Option 22 ( ObjectConnect
  • 5770SS1 Option 26 (DB2® Symmetric Multiprocessing) Optional
  • 5770SS1 Option 30 ( Qshell )
  • 5770SS1 Option 34 (Digital Certificate Manager)
  • 5770SS1 Option 41 (High Availability Switchable Resources)
  • 5770SS1 Option 48 (IBM Db2Mirror)
  • 5770JV1 *BASE (IBM Developer Kit for Java)
  • Option 16 (Java SE 8 32 bit)
  • Option 17 (Java SE 8 64 bit)
  • 5733SC1 *BASE(IBM Portable Utilities for i )
  • Option 1 (OpenSSH, OpenSSL, zlib
  • 5770DG1 *BASE (IBM HTTP Server for i
  • 5770DBM *BASE (IBM Db2 Mirror for i )
  • Option 1 (Db2 Mirror Enablement)

As an owner of the IBM Db2 Mirror for i Practitioner (Level 1) badges, I will summarize the installation, the setup and the monitoring process in my next publication.

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