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The challenge with a Fast Backup System for Power IBMi

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Making a full or partial backup while your applications stay available 24/7, not an easy job! Luckily EASI has a solution.

The challenges

Your application needs to be available 24/7. For security reasons you need to have your daily backup. The time of backup takes more and more time. The amount of data is increasing day by day. Even if you chose for a faster backup device there is still a downtime.

The solution

There definitely is one and its called: FBS or the Fast Backup System developped by EASI. Based on external storage and virtualization. The system uses FlashCopy NoCopy on Thin provisioned LUN's.

In other words

  • It takes no time to do the FlashCopy
  • It takes Storages capacity only the time needed for the Backup.
  • It doesn't need the same capacity.
  • Your backup is consistent.
  • The time spend on Backup can be used for night jobs.

In just one year, we have installed about 30 Systems with success. If you have external storage on IBM Power i, and you have an issue with you daily backup, don't hesitate to contact us. We surely have a solution for you.

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