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How to optimize your stock management in one beep?

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David Sandrin
Business Unit Manager

In this article you'll find all the new functionalities of the new release of the Adfinity Mobile Stock Manager.

The digital business is still growing and will probably never stop in the future. That is why we want to make sure we meet the expectations of the industry by developing a new version of the PDA on Android (Mobile Stock Manager) to ensure your optimal stock management.

Do you want to optimize your supply chain, save a lot of time and become more profitable?

Well, we love to show the new screens of the application, compared to the old design. 


Employees who are in charge of the stock like to feel good about their work. This app lets them manage it in the most efficient way possible.

GS1 barcode is the standard but not the only one

The new Android PDA is able to recognize the standard barcode GS1 that is used in most sectors (Healthcare, Foodservice, Retail and Consumer goods, Transport and Logistic and even in the fashion area) in order to simplify the supply chain and establish a common language between players of this industry.

But if your suppliers are not using this standard, there is no problem. Thanks to the improvement of our accounting solution Adfinity, you can also define your own rules concerning the barcode structure. This means that the new PDA is going to match directly with the barcode that you have already specified previously.

More intuitive than ever

The new Adfinity Mobile Stock Manager is made to manage your company stock in the best way. The design has been reviewed and is now more user-friendly than ever.

Our developers took into account all the benefits from the previous version on Windows. They combined the previous experiences with the advice from our customers. With the ultimate goal: creating a perfect application that will go beyond the expectations with a great user experience.

Thanks to the input of stock managers, they were able to redesign the app and they ended up with an easy, familiar and intuitive tool.

Added value

Thanks to the redesigned Adfinity Mobile Stock Manager, stock management has become very easy.

End users only have to shoot the barcode and the PDA handles the rest. The link is immediately made in order to match the data from Adfinity and the barcode.

A device which basically looks like a mobile phone is everything that is needed to take care of the stock management. To give you an idea, here are some of the most used features of this machine:

  • Stock in / stock out
  • Stock transfer with an additional option in order to warn workers that want to move out quarantine goods, alert messages will be displayed
  • Kanban
  • Inventory to make sure your Adfinity stock matches with the reality


So if you are looking to optimize your supply chain and save a a lot of time? The solution is right here! Get in touch if you have any questions about this application.

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