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Web Access: referencing, packaging and generic items

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Harvey Meunier
Software Developer, EASI

Do you encode commercial documents by referencing? Would you prefer to order in packs of 50 or 100? Should items be more generic? In this article, discover 3 new functionalities in our Adfinity 1.6 Web solution that will change your life!

Adfinity Web Access is packed with useful functionalities when it comes to drafting business documents.

With this new version, we further improve the creation of documents by providing advanced concepts that will help you in your day-to-day tasks.

Search by referencing

Are you wasting time doing reverse searches? You have the supplier reference number in front of you but you don't know the name of the item?

That's all in the past! Because now, search by referencing will allow you to search for an item on its reference AND on its product code!


Would you like to order pens in boxes of 10? Per box of 250? This is now possible thanks to the brand new column: Packaging. On the other hand, if your supplier only delivers a product, for example, in boxes of 10, this packaging is automatically chosen when the item is selected.


Generic item

Let's take an example: you regularly order office equipment by the unit from several different suppliers, the prices are constantly changing and the type of equipment ordered is rather random. You're not going to keep all the items up to date according to each supplier for something so little, are you?

And you're right! Items can now be configured as "Generic".

Thus, they will be available for selection, whether you have chosen the "Reference Only" mode or not.

They will give you all the flexibility you need in your restrictive encodings by referencing because you will only have to change the price and the description of the item and you're done!

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