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Phishing: which type of clicker are you?

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Laurent Boveroux
Marketing officer

To mark this year's Safer Internet Day, we found it useful to provide you with some tips to identify phishing e-mails and protect yourself against relentless hackers.

How often do you open your mailbox to see that your bank (or another organization) e-mailed you, asking to update your payment information as soon as possible. All you have to do is click on a link. Seems pretty harmless, right? Is it though? 

Do you simply click on the link with your eyes closed thinking that the email comes from a trusted source? Do you ask someone for advice? Or do you immediately delete the e-mail because you've spotted a phishing scam? We have found that most people aren't aware of security risks such as phishing and still click on risky links.

People interact with e-mails very differently. There are in fact no less than 9 different types of "clickers". Which one are you?

To find out more about them and know more about phishing, click on each of the images below. Read our article and learn to identify and effectively protect yourself from scams.

Do you recognize a specific "clicker" among your friends, family or colleagues? Share this article with him or her, and save them from the next phishing scam. 

What type of clicker are you?


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