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SmartSales helps you save time

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Sander van der Maas
Sales Representative

Between appointments, travel and customer meetings, a salesperson's day is packed! With only 24 hours in a day, sales representatives might as well figure out ways to save time and reduce their time-consuming tasks as much as possible. But how?

SmartSales is the ideal tool to help you save time, streamline your administrative work and automate some basic tasks. I have summarized for you several tips to keep in mind on how to save precious time.

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Optimize your itinerary

If your customers are scattered all over a region or the country, I am sure you have already racked your brains trying to figure out the most appropriate and efficient route to get to them.

With SmartSales, you can instantly see on a map in the application where your different customers and prospects are located, so you can create the most appropriate route.

You can even color code them. By order of importance for example.

map SmartSales

Filter your data

For sales professionals, having reliable information is a must. However, duplicates are a big problem for all CRM users. Fortunately, SmartSales filters and enriches the data in the application for you. As a matter of fact, SmartSales automatically detects and eliminates duplicates. This saves you a lot of time and reduces the chance of making mistakes.

Sign directly in the application

Did you know that you are able to sign your orders directly in the application (both online and offline)?

This handy feature is a real time-saver. Not to mention the waste of paper and communication time between you and the signatories of the documents.



And that's not all!

There are so many more tips I could share with you in this article, but it would be hard for me to do it in one article. Here are a few more tips that will make your life easier, save you precious time and make you a true SmartSales expert.

Scan business cards in the blink of an eye

We have already dedicated an article to this handy feature. SmartSales is a great way to quickly scan and save information from business cards you receive from your customers or prospects. You want to know how it works? (Re)read our article.

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Easily find your contacts

Search for a contact directly in the application, without first entering the company name. This handy trick can reduce the number of clicks and a lot of frustration.

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Manage your private and professional agendas

The "Shared planning" function in SmartSales allows you to seamlessly reconcile your personal and professional appointments. This feature allows you to synchronize your different calendars effortlessly. Any changes you make to your main calendar will appear in your work calendar, and vice versa. We explain how it works in this blog post.

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Obtain an overview of your actions 

Have you ever heard of the "Timeline" feature? It allows you to access all past and future actions in SmartSales: visit reports, orders, events, surveys, etc. All these elements are organized chronologically and enable you to switch from one to another with ease. Everything is explained in this article.

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