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SmartSales v3.12 : new update to start the summer

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David Fortpied
Expert Business Consultant

Before packing their bags and enjoying the summer months, our team has worked hard to bring you a new update of SmartSales. In this article, I unveil the new features of v3.12. This update will be available from the 14/07. 

Analytics v4, now available on the web

Previously only viewable on mobile devices, the analysis tables and graphs are now available in read-only mode on the web.

In addition, the configuration of Analytics has been completely revised. In this new version, you will first have to upload your Excel file to the Web Manager. It will recognize the different columns of your document (names, dates, etc.). You can then configure your Analytics report as you wish. 



Infobox v1: forms with custom attributes

The v3.12 version of SmartSales offers a brand-new module allowing you to create all types of sheets based on attributes. They can be linked to customers, products, users... and are fully customizable.

This new module will initially be available exclusively on the web. It will be available on mobile in S2.

The Timeline is coming to Android!


And that's not all!

In v3.12 we have integrated several minor improvements that you should enjoy.

New "Add a meeting" button

It allows you to easily schedule an upcoming appointment. A calendar will also give you a precise idea of your availabilities that day.


Updating of visit reports

The v3.12 allows you to indicate if a last contact should be considered as a new visit (or not).

Advanced filtering

You can now view, sort and filter on more command fields.



Export several reports in one PDF file

Simply select the reports you want to export, and they will be compiled in an easy-to-read PDF

Gone are the days when you had to individually enter each visit report individually to export them.

Create entries directly from a form

No need to leave the visit report to create your form. Everything is much faster now.


We hope you will enjoy all these new features. Do not hesitate to contact our consultants if you have any questions. 

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