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Switching to Electronic Invoicing, how do I do it?

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Marie Payet
Product Manager Adfinity - Easi

Much has already been said and written about the Belgian government's obligation to switch to e-invoicing from January 1, 2026. We explain the steps you need to take and how to do this with Adfinity.

Registration to the Peppol network

To take advantage of the most optimal form of electronic invoicing, it is important that you register your company on the Peppol network. But what exactly is Peppol?

What is the Peppol network

PEPPOL, short for Pan-European Public Procurement Online, is an international network that facilitates the exchange of electronic documents, such as invoices, between businesses and government institutions. The goal of PEPPOL is to improve and standardize interoperability in electronic procurement processes, facilitating the exchange of business documents across borders.

The PEPPOL network uses a quadrangular model to facilitate document exchange. In this model, each participant, whether a sender or receiver, is connected to a PEPPOL access point. These access points translate documents into a PEPPOL-compatible format and ensure secure and accurate delivery within the network.

Peppol access point Digiteal and Mercurius

For Adfinity, we made the choice to work with Digiteal for this task. Because this access point offers by far the most possibilities to ensure that your invoices are always registered with the highest probability in the correct format. In addition, Digiteal offers many other advantages. 

For government institutions, this is done through Mercurius. 

Raw data is standardized

By sending an invoice through the Peppol network, a supplier is not required to attach a PDF. Thus, the invoice looks like a raw XML code decoded by Adfinity. To make it possible to view the invoice (for example, outside the application), Adfinity generates a PDF with the invoice data according to a standard template. This new feature is available in version 2.4. These and other features cause us to recommend that you switch to version 2.4 or higher to fully enjoy all the functionalities that come with this new legislation.

The Adfinity project team assists you with advice and assistance

The registration to the Peppol network is established by our project team. They also ensure that your invoices are immediately sent and read in the correct format via the access point Digiteal. This way, Adfinity allows you to send, read and receive invoices via the Peppol network that are immediately ready to be (automatically) booked. 

If you have any questions regarding electronic invoicing or the implementation of Peppol, do not hesitate to ask us using the form below.


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