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The EASI-approach for Adfinity

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Stijn Boonen
Sales Team Leader, EASI

The way you make a decision is often an important part, or even the entire reason why you close a deal. That is why I explain how we work and what sets us apart.

With us, cooperation and partnership are key. From the first moment we meet up to and including the moment when you are fully operational with our product - in this case Adfinity. We always communicate very clearly and transparently about every phase and that is a delight, both for you and for us.

I will explain our flow. It consists of seven phases that can partly take place in parallel:

  • The free analysis
  • The demo
  • The perimeter of the project
  • The installation
  • The in-depth analysis
  • The configuration
  • The assistance phase

The free analysis

During the first meetings we will listen to your story. We dive into your project together and discover how you work today. Where are the limits, what do you want to realize and what added value can Adfinity offer you.

The demo

Afterwards we are happy to come back with an ultra personalized demo. This is possible thanks to the details you have given us. This way we can show you very concretely how user-friendly the program is and where the efficiency gains are for you. If you would like to see how you create a certain purchase flow or how you can solve a technical problem that you are facing right now, we will show you how to do it with our package.

The perimeter of the project

With the multitude of collected information, we translate your needs into a clearly defined operational scope with a transparent offer. This way you can make a well-informed decision and there are no surprises afterwards.

The installation

Using a list of technical requirements, we check whether your IT infrastructure is sufficient to install everything. If that is not the case, we can also take care of that aspect because EASI also specializes in hardware. Based on this list, you decide whether you opt for hardware or a cloud solution.

The in-depth analysis

This is a real deep dive: what exactly do you want and in how do you want to realize it. This process must never be static. We believe very much in merging your knowledge with ours. Our employees will inspire your colleagues and ensure that you will gather new ideas. We process these into flows that comply with best practices. Thanks to the feedback from both parties, we will find a coherent solution.

We find it super important that everyone who works with us (even behind the scenes) on your product environment, knows exactly what you expect. That requires good communication. We provide a single point of contact who is always aware of your project. In addition, we organize enough meetings throughout the process to give a state of affairs. What will we realize in which phase, what can you expect from us and what do we expect from you. Thanks to our project plan you can see at any time what needs to be realized and what has already been completed. Wonderfully clear.

The configuration 

We set up configuration parameters, based on what we decide in the analysis. For each flow we install, we determine specifically how we will provide this in the application and when. Thanks to the flexibility of the application and based on the various meetings, we can continuously adjust and optimize this configuration.

The assistance phase

After we have gone to the bone to fully optimize your system in Adfinit, it's time to get started. To help you on your way, we provide practice-oriented professional training days at our office. You will then receive an explanation of the various functionalities and can immediately practice in the program. So you experience how user-friendly the system really is.

Then it's time for the GO LIVE, the moment to make you happy! With a lot of customers we go on site or offer support from a distance. If you do not know how a module works afterwards, you can consult the manual, contact the helpdesk or ask your contact at EASI for advice. The latter is the same person who has followed your project. Since he knows your environment, he will also be able to help you quickly. We will not leave you to your fate.

The happy Adfinity user phase

That last phase is not an official phase, but I since we work very hard to make you happy we tend to see a lot of happy users afterwards. Come and talk to me or a colleague and you will soon notice that clear communication works smoothly and it is contagious! 

Are you interested in getting a demo without any obligation? Don't hesitate to contact me. 

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