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Tired of old-looking SmartShare?

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Frédéric Block
Managing Partner, EASI

If you are using EASI SmartShare applications, you have the right to think its current look & feel is getting quite old... To work around this feeling, you can now decide to upgrade to the latest v7.0 which is available from today, and also offers much more than UI revamp !

Actually, the current look and feel of SmartShare was designed and launched in 2009, for SmartShare v5.0. It was time for a global revamp...

smartshare 7.0

Besides offering a modern UI, SmartShare v7.0 also comes with new functionalities which will allow even more flexible use within the applications :

  • Custom fields can now have 'actions' defined. This can be very useful to enable link to external programs, click2call on phone numbers, computation assistants, ...

smartshare 7.0

  • You can now use advanced mail options in QuickMails and, more importantly, you can have your signature inserted in mail sent without having the signature being actually kept in your comments afterwards...

smartshare 7.0

smartshare 7.0

  • All notifications were improved to allow a better user experience on WebMails and mobile devices
  • ... and also other improvements which are more specific per application (APM, RMT, ...)

All modules (CRM, HRM & DM) are now available for you to upgrade. Your consultant can help you to have your environment updated to this latest version and give you more info about the added value it will offer in your own configured usages.

Also important to know : the mobile app also evolves... and is to be available soon too...

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