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VMware SRM : an implementation that could save our production!

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

This week, I would like to share a message that Frédéric Maton, IT operations Manager at Doyen-Auto S.A., sent us recently, after we completed a project for his company.

"The implementation of the VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager) technology at Doyen-Auto can become a life-saver for our logistic department in Seneffe by decreasing drastically the downtime of our servers in case of a major incident or loss of our main IT room.

The realisation of a real production test - our servers were completely stopped without any given notice ! - has proven the efficiency of the VMware SRM technology.

After the interruption of our production servers and the activation of the SRM plan, our logistic activities were able to be continued after only 20 minutes, which has allowed us to respect our commitments and our delivery times.

Thanks to this technology, implemented by our partner EASI, we are now guaranteed to be able to continue our business within the shortest possible time after any incident, or in case of maintenance activities in our IT rooms at our site in Seneffe.

I would like to thank the engineers of EASI for their help, their consultancy and their expertise in the VMware technology, and for the implementation of VMware SRM within our logistic site in Seneffe."

Frédéric MATON, IT operations Manager, Doyen-Auto S.A.

Always nice to receive this type of feedback from our customers!

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