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Will EASI win the Cloud Innovator Award?

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

The Datanews awards for excellence are just around the corner. In a few weeks, we'll know if our Cloud pairs and specialized press think that we deserve an award for our work this year around our Cloud solutions. And you, what do you think ?

Let's hear your voice

You have heard about it here or here or maybe there. New partnerships, extended security program, new Datacenter in Wallonia, ISO certification, intensive recruitment,...: our Infra - Cloud team has been quite busy for the past few months with their rNext project. And it's certainly not over! They deserve some recognition from the sector experts. 

You know how much we love to share our HR, management, stakeholder philosophies. For this particular award, we want to put our work under the spotlight. What helps us making this company successful. It's different, but actually quite important to share what we do once in a while as our commitment and shared values help us realizing all kind of massive projects. 

To make your voice count, follow the link : https://datanewsawards.be/vote

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