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Youca Action Day @ EASI

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Mégane Fastrez
PR and Communication, EASI

We are Corentin, Arno and Olivia. Today, we are participating in Youca Action Day at EASI. Discover how our day went and what we learned.

*Arno, Corentin and Olivia's blog article - 2019 YOUCA students at EASI

YOUCA – Charity organization

Youca Action Day is a day when young people have the chance to work in all kinds of companies. Our "salary" is then donated to charities. In collaboration with EASI, we therefore supported a Trias project in Guinea to reduce youth unemployment in order to get them out of poverty.

In total, about 15,000 students in Belgium have committed themselves to testing the life in a company for a day. We had the opportunity to choose for ourselves where we would work and, as already mentioned, the salaries we receive for this project will be donated to projects for young people.

This is the first year that EASI has been involved in this wonderful project and EASI is a company that attaches great importance to charity. It regularly supports all kinds of actions, such as UNICEF, and each employee has the opportunity to propose charitable actions to support.

Our day at EASI

Our day was very busy and we got right into it with a general presentation of the company. Once everything became clear about what EASI is doing, we started directly to manage the Instagram account and visit the headquarters in Nivelles. We also had the opportunity to meet colleagues from different sectors of activity. This has allowed us to have a better overview of what each sector offers as a product and the objectives of each.

After a well-deserved lunch break, we returned to work and interviewed one of the company's system engineers. This interview can be found on the EASI blog in the job focus. Thanks to this experience, we have become aware of all the work of the communication sector. First of all, we brainstormed on the questions and did some research. Then we recorded the interview and retyped it. Finally, we had to find a good picture, write the job-focus and translate it. Other tasks such as writing this article allowed us to be very busy throughout the day without having the opportunity to be bored.

What did we think of it?

We could never have guessed or explained how EASI works exactly before today. The business is complex, but now that we have seen how everything works and how everything is well organized, we understand how this company is managed. (How the different departments work together and how they remain organized).

We also have a much clearer picture of what they are offering as a product. These include: cloud, security and enterprise management software. But we now know who is involved in the production of these products: representatives, consultants, system engineers, but also how important it is for staff to work together.

So today, we have not only got to know EASI. It was very interesting to be able to work on our own as a communication employee. This allowed us to discover how "corporate communication" works. What to watch out for when publishing on social media.

Our Youca Action Day at EASI was an unforgettable first experience in the world of work, so we couldn't have hoped for anything better.

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